Application- Claran ACCEPTED

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Application- Claran ACCEPTED Empty Application- Claran ACCEPTED

Post  Claran on Mon Oct 29, 2007 6:13 pm

Name: Claran

Age: 18

Do you have Ventrilo/Mic? Yes, and Yes.

Can you attend the raid times? Absolutely, they fit my schedule well.

Monday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 or 12 P.M./A.M. EST
Tuesday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 or 12 P.M./A.M. EST
Wednesday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 or 12 P.M./A.M. EST
Thursday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 or 12 P.M./A.M. EST
Friday: Off
Saturday: Same as Fridays.
Sunday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 or 12 P.M./A.M. EST

Class: Warrior

Spec (Post leveling and endgame in a talent calculator with link please, as well as specify your role if you are a hybrid): For leveling I will be going -> Fury based, for endgame I will glady spec Prot for raiding and transfer my Warlock over for farming.

For endgame seems to be the "cookie cutter" tanking build, so for now I plan on using this build.

Professions: I will be doing Mining and Blacksmithing.

Past experience in endgame:
I have pretty extensive raid experience, I have raided through all of Kara, Gruul's, and downed Mag's. I've also killed Void Reaver in TK and Luker in SSC. Additionally, I have killed both Doomwalker and Doom Lord Kazzak. Pre-BC I raided both AQ40 and some limited Naxx before BC was launched.

Why would you like to join <Liberty's Crusade>? I am looking for a serious, focused reroll guild that won't disband in the 40's bracket, and can provide me with a serious raiding environment.

Why should you be recruited?
I bring dedication, skill, and knowledge into the guild. I will give the guild as much as I virtually can, and because of this level of loyalty and dedication I feel I can be an asset to this guild.

About you (Yes the real you): I'm a college student at Syracuse University, WoW is my hobby, but basketball is my passion. If I'm not in game it's pretty easy to assume that I'm at the gym playing ball. Also, Go Phoenix Suns!

Who is the greatest Superhero? (Get this right and you have an automatic acceptance) The Flash.


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Application- Claran ACCEPTED Empty Re: Application- Claran ACCEPTED

Post  Gurimmujo on Mon Oct 29, 2007 6:42 pm

Nice application. We talked over AIM so it's all good. Welcome!


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