charlie (holy pally app)

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charlie (holy pally app)

Post  pufinstuff0 on Sat Nov 03, 2007 8:42 am

Name: charlie

Age: 15

Do you have Ventrilo/Mic? yes, teamspeak as well

Can you attend the raid times? i don't know the translation from your time zone to mine, so possibly

Monday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 P.M. EST
Tuesday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 P.M. EST
Wednesday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 P.M. EST
Thursday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 P.M. EST
Friday: Off
Saturday: Same as Fridays.
Sunday: 7 P.M. EST - 11 P.M. EST

Class: paladin

Race: blood elf or dwarf

Spec (Post leveling and endgame in a talent calculator with link please, as well as specify your role if you are a hybrid): leveling build endgame (healer)

Professions: mine/BS

Past experience in endgame: ZG, MC, maulgar (test realm)

Past characters (Armory):

Why would you like to join ? because, i have felt the need to reroll for quite some time now. Duskwood no longer has the appeal that it had when i first started playing and i think it's time to move on.

Why should you be recruited? i have a tendency to make almost anything fun

About you (Yes the real you): what exactly do you want to know????

Who is the greatest Superhero? (Get this right and you have an automatic acceptance) i'm gonna go with Justice Guy


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Re: charlie (holy pally app)

Post  Gurimmujo on Sat Nov 03, 2007 1:02 pm

Nice application. I have one question, though. What timezone are you?

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